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Mortgage Renewals, Transfers and Switches

Is your mortgage up for renewal? Have you considered a mortgage transfer or mortgage switch? Don’t let your bank take advantage of you! Most Canadian banks will send you a mortgage renewal agreement just prior to your mortgage terms expiration. On renewal most banks usually offer you their posted rate or something just slightly lower than their posted rate on a mortgage renewal. The truth is that you are likely entitled to a rate that may be as low as 1.5% below what they are offering you and a mortgage transfer or mortgage switch is likely the solution for you.

The big banks know that statistically almost 75% of the public signs their mortgage renewal agreement without researching what the competition has to offer so they never have to fear losing their customer base. If you don’t have the time, don’t know who to approach or simply don’t understand the renewal process or how to transfer a mortgage call Community Mortgage. One of our experienced mortgage agents can explain the mortgage renewal process, what is entailed in a mortgage transfer or mortgage switch and make sure you are getting the best mortgage rate you are entitled to. Call us toll-free at 1-888-939-8484. 

We deal with virtually every mortgage lending institution in Canada which allows us to find the best mortgage to suit your needs coupled with the best interest rates. We have no allegiance to any financial institution and don’t care about the big banks profit margins. Our only goal is to make sure our customers are getting the best rates possible on their mortgage renewal, mortgage transfer or mortgage switch. Don’t become a victim of the big banks. Get the rates and the flexibility you are entitled to.

Call us toll-free at 1-888-939-8484 or apply online and let Community Mortgage find you the best rate!