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I applied at several banks to pay off my CRA debt because I was faced with a lien against my home and continued to be declined. Thanks to your resourceful staff, I paid off my debt to the CRA and finally got my finances in order. Thank you!

Leslie P., Keswick, ONT.

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Tax Liens On Property - CRA Debt

Typically, liens stem from non-payment of debt, and are a guarantee which is secured against your property to ensure a debt will be paid.  Types of liens that are often imposed include debts for: property taxes, Revenue Canada, family responsibilities, such as child support, and monies owed to creditors and contractors.

Claims of this nature prohibit clients from refinancing or selling their property until the lien is paid.  This is problematic because most financial institutions will not allow you to leverage money from your property to pay off liens. Owing money for personal income taxes, property tax arrears or other types of secured debt make it virtually impossible to refinance unless you know which lenders to approach.  Having an experienced mortgage broker working for you can save precious time and take the guesswork out of getting creditors off your back.

Regardless of how you incurred your lien, or to whom the money is owed, we can help make sense of it all. Our access to over 60 lenders gives us the ability to pair you with a lender who will not only satisfy your obligation to your creditors, but make your financial situation more manageable.  Call 1 888-939-8484 to lift this difficult financial burden from your shoulders.