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When we first bought our home, I never dreamed I might lose it. We had several missed mortgage payments and a poor credit rating, but thankfully, your professional staff restructured our debt, dealt with creditors and kept us in our home. Thank you.

-Anit P., Mississauga ON.

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Home Foreclosure Solutions

In these volatile economic times, many Canadians find themselves in the unenviable position of holding mortgages that are worth more than their homes. If you find yourself facing a home foreclosure, Home Refinance can help get you back on your feet financially, with our many home foreclosure solutions.

In Canada, each provincial government handles home foreclosures a little differently. We have the knowledge to assist in your foreclosure process, no matter where in Canada you are. Canadian mortgage lenders are entitled, by law, to exercise their right to collect on a defaulted mortgage. That means it is within their power to garnish your wages and exhaust every possible attempt at obtaining repayment. If they do not succeed, their last resort is placing your home in foreclosure. 

Having a home in foreclosure is by far the most stressful prospect any homeowner can face. Owning a home is the Canadian dream, and an awesome responsibility. We never embark on home ownership thinking we will one day be in danger of losing our home. The reality is, foreclosure can happen, even if we take all the necessary steps to prevent it. 

Home refinance can assist in dealing with all the details of home foreclosures, and helping to make the situation a bit easier on the homeowner. Whenever possible, we attempt to consolidate and refinance debt to avoid a home foreclosure. We have helped countless homeowners across Canada save their homes by negotiating with lenders on their behalf. We have aided in successful debt restructuring, and rescued homeowners who were on the brink of a bank home foreclosure. They were better able to manage their payments and avoided having to leave their homes. 

Home Refinance is proud to be able to assist people avoid home foreclosure. However, there are occasions when it cannot be stopped. For those individuals who are interested in buying a foreclosure home, we can help buyers find foreclosure homes for sale. It is always wise to speak to a real estate and legal professional to ensure that you are qualified to buy a foreclosure home. These homes do come with a much lower price tag, but it is always best to have the proper financing in place before considering a foreclosure home for sale. Once your qualifications have been determined, Home Refinance can help you purchase a bank home foreclosure.

Give Home Refinance a call at 1-888-939-8484 to find out more about how we can help stop foreclosure of your home.