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Secured Line of Credit In Canada

Having financial flexibility has never been more important. With all the options available to home and business owners, one must do their homework before deciding on the most sensible option when it comes to shopping for a line of credit.

A secured credit line is perhaps the most economical way to borrow money, because it utilizes your existing assets, allowing you access to funds at a much lower rate of interest. A traditional consolidation loan will end up costing you more, but with secured lending, your home, vacation property or business can actually save you money. You'll be able to procure a larger line of secured funds than if you applied for a consolidation loan. 

Secured lending offers more flexibility in terms of what you will be able to accomplish. Most businesses are able to maximize cash flow with a secured line of credit; homeowners can use their secured credit line similar to how they would utilize a credit card. You use as much money as you need, and pay back the balance at a lower rate of interest. You have access to your funds whenever you need them, and you can even write cheques against your secured funds. Secured borrowing gives you the freedom to achieve credit or bad debt consolidation, as well as providing a financial safety net, giving you peace of mind.

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