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Secured Debt Consolidation

Debt ConsolidationA secured debt consolidation loan gives you the flexibility to consolidate high-interest debt, utilizing assets you already have. By using your existing property, such as your primary residence or cottage as collateral, you can achieve mortgage debt consolidation, as well as bad credit consolidation during these difficult times. As property values fluctuate, and interest rates start to climb, take advantage of your home equity to reduce your financial liabilities.

A secured debt consolidation loan comes with a lower interest rate, making it cheaper to consolidate debt, reorganize outstanding credit card balances and other obligations. These types of loans are perfect to keep business cash flow consistent, as well as providing a low-cost reserve in case of emergencies. Most lenders will allow you to draw down on a secured debt consolidation loan similar to how you would use a secured line of credit, with your assets providing the needed collateral. This provides a low-risk back up option for those occasions when funds or low, or unexpected expenses arise. A secured debt consolidation loan can provide peace of mind in addition to helping you refinance bad debt or mortgage debt.

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