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Second Mortgage Loan Options

Second Home Mortgage

As Canadians try to emerge from our Country's latest recession, there is a large segment of the population that has still not rebounded. There are vast numbers of individuals for whom making ends meet is a daily struggle and who are overwhelmed by debt; they must look for creative ways to meet financial obligations. Often, that will include considering a second home mortgage.

A second mortgage is a means of borrowing additional money against your home without making changes to your primary mortgage, often referred to as a "home equity loan".  The parameters for obtaining a second mortgage loan are very different from a primary mortgage. Approvals are based on the amount of equity in your home, not necessarily on your employment status or credit score making it easier to secure money if you are struggling. Second mortgages are not designed to be long term solutions.  They are generally taken out to assist someone in repairing their credit, overcoming an unforeseen expense or through a difficult time, such as a lay off.

Second mortgages give you the ability to take a deep breath and regroup; whether you need extra funds to pay for a catastrophic event, such as illness or property damage, or if you are simply trying to get your finances in order. Sometimes, homeowners are reluctant to tap into their home equity because they do not fully understand the concept of a second mortgage. Our trained mortgage specialists can help you determine your need for a mortgage refinance loan, or a 2nd mortgage that will best suit your needs.

The key to getting the best rate for a home second mortgage is to shop around.  The average person will reapply with their original lender for a second home loan, but these rarely result in approvals and do not guarantee you the best rate as big banks have tight lending criteria for second mortgages. It is to the borrower's advantage to comparison shop for second mortgage loans, because the more competition there is for your business, the lower rate you will likely be able to secure. The only requirement is that you have positive equity in your home. If your credit score is an issue, our experts can work with you. Our years of experience will benefit you by dealing with your present financial needs, as well as your future goals, ensuring your second home mortgage will help you accomplish all you set out to do.

Our second mortgage loan experts have helped thousands of people across Canada deal with current financial crises, as well as craft intelligent financial solutions for their futures. All it takes is one experienced individual to steer you towards a second home mortgage that is in your best interest, not your bank's. Your second mortgage should give you peace of mind, not one more thing to worry about. For more information, or to speak with a trained second mortgage advisor, call 1-888-939-8484.