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Yes! We understand how difficult and stressful home ownership can be.

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Private Mortgage Loans & Financing

When you choose to deal with a mortgage broker, the options for securing a mortgage to suit your needs are greater than those the traditional financial institutions are able to offer.

When applicants are turned down by commercial banks, private mortgage lenders are an excellent alternative.  Private mortgage lenders give less consideration to credit and proof of income and primarily base their decisions on a client's equity position.  Private mortgages are offered by well-funded companies and individuals that are experienced in determining risk based on the equity stake in a property.  We have access to lenders who  have the capital and financial backing to engage in private mortgage lending for the most difficult deals.  If you're looking to obtain funds for renovation, debt consolidation or to invest in another property, we can help you find the right mortgage lender when banks are not an option no matter how small or large the mortgage you are looking for. 

A qualified mortgage broker can determine if a private mortgage loan will best suit your needs and will act as intermediary when they can't approve their client with a mainstream mortgage lender.  We have access to countless private mortgage lenders and investors which allows us to shop your application around to secure competitive interest rates. This process helps sheild the applicant from unscrupulous predatory lending, ensuring an amicable arrangement for all parties involved.

Our company has facilitated private mortgage lending for Canadians in every province. For more information, please call 1-888-939-8484.