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Losing your home in a Power of Sale scenario can be
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We never meant to fall behind on our mortgage payments, but somehow it just happened. We were threatened with a Power of Sale but thanks to your help, we found the financing to reclaim our home & stabilize our future finances.

Darren P., Whitby, ONT.

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Power of Sale Canada

If a mortgage is more than two months in arrears, or if there has been a breach of terms, a lender can force a Power of Sale of your home to recoup their investment.   

Losing your home in a foreclosure sale, or a power of sale scenario can be devastating. Not only might you forfeit your primary residence, but you could lose all the equity you have accumulated due to exorbitant legal costs.  

Bad things happen to good people all the time; we are here to provide foreclosure information, to prevent the reposessed sale of your home. We can arrange financing for power of sale homes and for clients who are in the foreclosure process. If you have missed several mortgage payments or are struggling to make ends meet, don’t wait until it’s too late.  

Our experts can advise you of your legal rights, and locate a lender to refinance your property, making the payments more affordable. Our expertise and long standing relationships with institutional and private lenders, provides our clients with ready access to help when they are in distress. Call 1 888-939-8484 today, to speak to one of our knowledgeable power of sale mortgage representatives so we can begin work on your solution immediately.