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Owner Financing Mortgage (Vendor Take Back Mortgage)

A vendor take back mortgage is a mortgage in which the seller agrees to leave a secondary lien on the property, which will allow the seller to obtain a smaller mortgage in order to purchase the property. For example, if a seller has a property listed for $1 million, but the purchaser can only get financing for $650,000.00, The seller agrees to hold a mortgage for the difference to help facilitate a sale.

Owner financing mortgages (vendor take back morgages) are common when individuals are purchasing large and/or expensive commercial properties, but lately, they have been coming into play to facilitate residential financing.  Finding a lender that will accomodate a vendor take back mortgage (VTB) can be difficult; arranging the financing should be left to a mortgage broker with experience in this area.

If you have found a commercial or residential property, but have been unable to arrange financing, consult an expert. Call 1-888-939-8484 and let our years of experience help you negotiate a vendor take back mortgage.