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New Immigrant Mortgage - From Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal

If you are planning a move to Canada, or have already done so, you may face significant challenges when attempting to buy a home. 

As a new immigrant to Canada, you have options available to you when it comes to buying a house, and we can help you explore them. Regardless of your occupation, whether you are a professional, a trades person or are self-employed, we can help make home ownership a reality. We understand the importance of an immigrant mortgage for those new to Canada. We take pride in educating ourselves on the various programs and options available to new residents, and empathize with the anxiety that is often associated with relocation. Buying a house can often be very confusing; knowing what documents will be required, and which lender to contact as a first time home buyer in Canada can be simplified when you have an expert at your side.

Home Refinance takes the guesswork out of buying a house, making you feel less vulnerable. We can assist in preparing the necessary paperwork to apply for an immigrant mortgage, exploring all possible avenues to make your dream of buying a house a reality. We can also arrange home mortgages if you have been in Canada for a longer period of time, and are just now deciding on a home purchase, or are attempting to refinance an existing mortgage.   

If you are considering relocating to Canada, or you need to refinance your existing property, call the experts at Community Mortgage toll-free at 1-888-939-8484 for a free consultation.

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