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Judgment Liens

A judgment can be a nasty black mark, not only on your credit history, but it can wreak havoc if you own property. 

Often, if you have unpaid credit card debt, the bank or credit card issuer will obtain a judgment when all efforts at collecting the unpaid balance have been exhausted. If you do not attempt to rectify an outstanding credit card balance, or other debts owed, these judgments will remain on your credit history until they are satisfied. In such cases where the amounts owed are large enough, a judgment can be issued against your home, similar to a tax lien. These too, must be satisfied, and will impede an attempt to sell or refinance your home.

If a judgment is small enough; an unpaid credit card bill for a few hundred dollars, it will only effect your personal credit rating. But if you let it go unresolved, you will never be sure if a creditor is able to attach that judgment to your home. Before you find yourself in this situation, talk to an experienced mortgage broker to find out what options you have to resolve this dilemma. Mortgage refinancing and other loans are available, in order to save you from having to deal with potential judgments. 

Don't let a judgement lien or other property liens ruin your credit. Let your home's equity help you before it is too late. Call 1-888- 939-8484 to find out how we can help.