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Home Equity Loan Refinancing Options

Home Equity Loan

Take advantage of skyrocketing home values by using your home's equity to make life easier.

A trained mortgage professional can explain the options when it comes to home equity loan refinancing. You can use your accumulated equity, plus your home's increasing value to assist with unexpected expenses, as well as renovations, and debt consolidation. Taking advantage of your home's value can be a daunting task without a qualified mortgage broker in your corner.

Our brokers will help you determine how much equity is in your home, to ensure that you can utilize your equity mortgage loan to accomplish the goals you've set. We help pair homeowners all across Canada with lending institutions that will suit their specific needs. We have the most experienced professionals assisting homeowners invest in their futures by obtaining the home equity loan financing that is right for them.

Your home's equity is calculated by subtracting the secured debts (mortgage, lines of credit) from its current market value. Once the equity amount is established, you can decide how you'd like to use your home equity mortgage loan. For example, you can further increase your home's value by updating your kitchen, adding a family room, renovating a washroom, or even an entire floor. Reinvesting in your current home can save you money in the long run, as can using your home equity for debt consolidation. When you pay off high interest credit cards with funds from a low interest home equity mortgage, you save yourself money that can be used for more intelligent investments.  Did you know that using the equity in your home to pay off high interest credit card debt can save you thousands of dollars in interest payments.  You can use it to buy a cottage, vacation home or start saving for your children's education. Either way, you'll be able to put something aside for a rainy day, and gain peace of mind, knowing your home is helping you save for the future.

Allow us to show you how a home equity loan can work to your advantage. Our trained mortgage professionals are waiting to assist you. Call 1-888-939-8484 for more information.