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Credit Card Debt Canada

The average Canadian is currently carrying an average of almost $30,000 in credit card debt. Credit card debt is the most difficult to pay off because of the astronomical interest rates that they are accompanied by. The fact that credit card companies take such minimal monthly payments allows consumers to dig themselves deeper in debt. The payments you make rarely even cover the interest that is accumulating on your monthly bill.

Credit card debt consolidation is one of the fastest ways of eliminating high interest debt. Unfortunately banks are no longer handing out unsecured consolidation loans leaving consumers with little to no option. Fortunately, Community Mortgage Services Corp has a solution. You can use the equity in your home to work for you. Imagine how liberating it would be to take all of your high interest credit card debt and high interest loans and reduce the interest rates by as much as 10-25%.  

Using the equity in your home will allow you to drastically reduce and eliminate high interest credit card debt and reduce your overall monthly payments. The average consumer with a $30,000.00 debt load pays almost $6,000.00 a year in interest payments alone. If you were to take the same debt and refinance it at a lower interest rate you could save up to $4,500 per year or more in payments.

Let the experts at Community Mortgage show you how you can reduce credit card debt so you can get on track to becoming debt free. We can help eliminate your financial burden. Call today for a no-obligation quote and let us show you what 30 years of experience can do for you.

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