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Collection Agencies

These days almost anyone can find themselves drowning in debt. Owing money to your creditors can be overwhelming. If you start receiving calls from collection agencies, it can become even more unbearable. Receiving collection calls and collection letters at home and at work can be extremely stressful. Knowing what your rights are, and how to resolve your credit issues before they deteriorate any further is imperative. Working with a mortgage broker who knows how collection agencies operate, gives you the opportunity to devise a solution to your credit problems before it is too late.

If you miss too many payments on your credit cards, loan payments or student loans you will find that your account will end up with a collection agency. At this point, your credit score will decrease, and you begin receiving collection calls from collection agents. With help from an experienced mortgage broker, you can exercise your rights as a consumer by using the equity in your home to eliminate your debt and repair your credit. The threat of being sued by a collection agency, or having judgements, executions, garnishments or liens placed on your home will become a reality if you do not act quickly. 

Finding an experienced mortgage broker who can locate a suitable mortgage lender, is the first step to alleviate your debt. He or she can deal with collection agencies on your behalf, giving you peace of mind and assurance that debt relief can be accomplished. We have the experience and the expertise to negotiate with creditors and collection agencies. We will ensure your consumer rights are protected, and negotiate the best settlement possible. We represent your interests, not those of your creditors or collection agencies. Call 1-888-939-8484 to find out how easy it is to achieve debt relief and to get your life back on track.